Clue Analyzer

Clue Analyzer is my first public project. This program is finished, but it is continuously being improved as needed. View Joshua Stahl’s other projects.

You can find this project and its code on GitHub.


Clue Analyzer is based on the popular murder mystery game Clue. Clue Analyzer is based off of the original version of Clue. A game of Clue relies heavily on deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning, however, does not come naturally for some people. In addition, even if a player is able to do some deductive reasoning during the game, that doesn’t mean that player won’t make a fatal mistake. That fatal mistake could ruin the game for them.

The purpose of this application is to assist the user in the deductive reasoning process. Some people might think that using this program would be cheating, but for some players it is a great assistance. (especially me)

Features of Clue Analyzer:

  • The program has a save game feature. This allows the user to come back to a previous game. This also allows the program to handle several different games separately. It saves both the players and the guesses made during the game.
  • The program can display a list of the guesses made and tell the user what card was shown for each guess, if it knows or has figured it out.
  • The program keeps track of whether a player has a card, doesn’t have a card, or if it is unknown if the user has a card or not. A card would be a room card, a person card, or a weapon card. Clue Analyzer also offers the option to change the status of a particular card for a person at any moment.
  • The program keeps track of guesses, and is able to perform deductive reasoning on the guesses based on the cards it knows players have or don’t have. (currently being improved)
  • This program keeps track of how many cards each player has. It uses that information to figure out if all the cards are known for a particular player. It alerts the user when it figures out all the cards are found for a player.
  • The program will tell you if it knows for certain if a card is in the secret envelope.


screenshot of main menu
Main Menu
screenshot of game menu
Game Menu
screenshot of the program displaying the users and their items
List of the players and their items – (“Y” means player has it, “N” means player doesn’t have it, and “-” means that the program hasn’t figured out if they have it or not)


You can find this project and its code on GitHub

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