l am a passionate, Arizona based Web Developer and programmer. I am currently studying for two certificates at the Maricopa community colleges: Web Development and Cyber Engineering. I enjoy solving problems while programming and I am always looking for a challenge. I also enjoy learning new programming skills! Here is my resume:


General Skills:
  • A quick learner: I can learn programming languages quickly
  • I am a OOP programmer
  • I am eager to learn new skills and I am teachable
  • I am a capable problem solver and troubleshooter.
  • I am a capable self-studier; I can learn programming languages and technologies on my own.
Top Skills:
  • Azure Cloud Services including Azure Active Directory
  • WordPress
  • PHP (OOP)
  • MySQL
  • HTML and CSS
  • Python (OOP)
  • Bootstrap
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  • Spanish (beginner-intermediate)


PrOjects: – (this website)

Clue analyzer – A program written to assist a player while playing the murder mystery game called Clue. Written in Python. Read more here

View more projects here


  • Door-to-door Evangelism (3+ years) (ongoing) – I have experience knocking on doors in order to pray for people and share his faith.


  • High School – Home School
  • Minnesota West Community and Technical College – 1 yr
  • Maricopa Community Colleges – 1 yr (ongoing)


If you have questions about my prior work history, skills, education, or something else, be sure to contact me.