This page lists my skills, talents, and abilities. I am an Arizona based programmer and developer. If you are looking for general information about me, view the about page. If you are looking for my personal work or my personal experience, check out the Experience page.

General skills include:
  • Ability to learn new programming languages on the fly/on the job.
  • Eagerness to learn / teachability
  • I am able to use OOP principles in his programming.
  • I am workable
  • I am a capable problem solver and program troubleshooter.

The programming languages I know include:

Web languages
  • HTML (intermediate)
  • CSS (intermediate)
  • PHP (OOP) (intermediate)
other Programming languages
  • MySQL (intermediate)
  • Python (intermediate)
Coding frameworks
  • Bootstrap (beginner)
Platform / software Skills:
  • WordPress (intermediate)
  • Github (beginner-intermediate)
Cloud services
  • Azure Active Directory (intermediate)
  • Azure Cloud Services (beginner-intermediate)
  • App Service on Azure (intermediate)
Other important skills:
  • Spanish language (beginner-intermediate)